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Posted by Gilberto L Fasching on Monday, December 16, 2013

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Ravenmark: Mercenaries v1.073

: 3.0+

: Build army heights broken, ravaged world. Wage head-to-head battles against other players finest turn-based strategy wargame, RAVENMARK: Mercenaries!


RAVENMARK: Mercenaries ! was designed such do real money other players, wits. However, certain options , which required game, may be purchased money. Additionally, -supported. If a seamless play experience without ads, please consider supporting us ’s Edition in-app purchase ads.

Mercenaries delivers turn-based strategy mechanics critics over original 2011 wargame, RAVENMARK: Scourge . Mull over strategic troop placement Comm, before committing in “we-go” Battle Phase where friend move same phase. Conquer superiority!


Challenge other human players battles, contracts own favour warring nations. mercenary company grows rich , be prepared off against tougher challengers matches.


Acquire Brigades , their own history styles. Mix these Brigades together style ! gain experience, experiment Traits , Advisors greater bounties from .


Stalwart combat Android Apk »Ravenmark: Mercenaries v1.073 like Standing Orders return expanded tactical options, while new Android Apk »Ravenmark: Mercenaries v1.073 such Standard Bearer throw game-changing twists in! Observe progression mercenary company Brigades harden experience.


In , set six years after original RAVENMARK, scarred irrevocably vendetta ’s vengeful new ruler, Empress. Players may delve in world’s rich lore power struggle between warring nations: once-glorious Estellion, Varishah, but stern Esotre.

RAVENMARK: Mercenaries requires a network connection . Also, please note a constant work. Certain aspects multiplayer combat may be rebalanced from time experience.

Ver 1.073

-App launch parameters tweaked black screen issues.

-Android Apk »Ravenmark: Mercenaries v1.073 unhandled google play reply exception bug.

-All sounds in .ogg format performance media player crashes

-Removed unnecessary Google dependencies.

Ver 1.072

-Fix paths-user environments.


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