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Posted by Gilberto L Fasching on Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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texttextWanam Xposed v2.7.2texttext

Android Apk »Wanam Xposed v2.7.2: 4.2 ,Roottext

Android Apk »Wanam Xposed v2.7.2: --- All Samsung TouchWiz Android 4.2+ Roms ---text





- Root Accesstext

- Xposed Framework 2.2+ (Bridge API 30+):

PLEASE Report any Android Apk »Wanam Xposed v2.7.2 here:

Customize Rom lot useful Android Apk »Wanam Xposed v2.7.2:text

- Call Recordingtext

- 4 Ways Reboot (Reboot, Recovery, Hotboot, Download : Android Apk »Wanam Xposed v2.7.2)text

- Secured Samsung keyboardtext

- Full Color/Transparency control Bar Paneltext

- Flashlight trough volume button UPtext

- Skip Music buttonstext

- Save Call Logs Viewtext

- Unlimited Multi-View supporttext

- Bypass Exchange Lock checktext

- Enable Keyboard Symbolstext

- Enable Hangouts Calls trough cellulartext

- Long Home key behaviortext

- Long Back key App (+ white list)text

- Disable increasing ringtonetext

- Messaging Tweaks (raise limitations)text

- Disable Scrolling cachetext

- Enable Full rotationstext

- White Circle Batterytext

- Enable Camera

- Removed Camera permissiontext

- Transparent Notifications paneltext

- Customize Clock format

- Customize Battery text helper sizetext

- Customize Quick Settings buttons number per rowtext

- White themed Quick Settings buttonstext

- Collapse Quick Settings after toggletext

- 2 line formatted date panel headertext

- Dark themed Multi-Windowtext

- Force disable Camera shutter (+Screen Capture)text

- Disable Boot soundtext

- Customize Two line date header formattext

- White/Black Email App backgroundtext

- Transparent Quick Settings buttons backgroundtext

- Default hidden SMS logstext

- Add Call button listtext

- Disable Accounts icons listtext

- Custimize Wifi AP Clients numbertext

- Disable Launcher page rotationtext

- Add Ex

- SMS Automatic sa modetext

- Disable Call number formattingtext

- moretext

How :text

- Make sure a working Root accesstext

- Download : Android Apk »Wanam Xposed v2.7.2 Xposed Installer, Run install Xposed framework then Reboot

- Open Xposed Installer, activate Wanam Xposed then Reboot

- Enjoy!text

Why these Permissions:text

- Flashlight: use Torch settingstext

- SuperUser: Reboot/Fast Reboot devicetext

- Internet: Ads my worktext

- EXPAND_STATUS_BAR: Notification panel customizationstext

- WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: Save/Restore Backupstext


Change-log :text


- Add Screen off animation (CRT/Fade) (Kitkat)text

- System them style Reboot dialog (Kitkat)text

- Android Apk »Wanam Xposed v2.7.2 Reboot download (Kitkat)text

- Many other improvementstext


- Change Color Battery (Kitkat)text

- Change Color Battery Text (Kitkat)text

- Option Screenshot menu (Kitkat)text

- Option Screen Record menu (Kitkat)text

- Show/Hide Reboot confirmation way (Kitkat)text

- Hide Handle Close line (Kitkat)text

- Updated French translation (Thanks to @ Albator V andtext

@ splendid )text






Download : Android Apk »Wanam Xposed v2.7.2 text


Mirror Android Apk »Wanam Xposed v2.7.2:text

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