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Posted by Gilberto L Fasching on Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Dark Avenger v1.2.8 [Mega Mod]

: Android 2.2 +

: Enter -n-slash towards immortality! anticipated dungeon crawler arrives!

Introducing new ARCHER! Evil from its slumber.

mobile MORPG!

Evil from its slumber.

Rising from ! Dark Avenger, mobile MORPG!

New Archer class available.

Play towards immortality!

★New Archer Class★

- Dark Avenger 2 available classes: Templar warrior & Archer -ranged shooter

- Participate, strategic battles Raid Match mode!

★State-of-the-art Graphics★

- Brilliant 3D Graphics featured HD Lighting!!

- Side Camera View feature added gameplay!

★Boss Raid: Strategic Co-Op Battle★

- 3 players play Boss Raid mode!!

- Different rewards based!!

★New 3:3 PvP Battle★

- A user anytime:3 network PvP battle!!

- Accumulate wins/loss & kills/deaths weekly ranking!!

★Infinity Tower: Hunting Never Stops★

- Play against players around every week!!

- Reach floor warrior!!

★18 vs. 1: In-Game Action★

- Semi-targeting system allows players effect!

Strike !

- Combine full effects devastating combo off multiple enemies!

★New Updates★

- New added!!

- New Android Apk »Dark Avenger v1.2.8 [Mega Mod] Raid Match modes added!!

- New stages/weapons/armors/items added!!

What's new:

- Removed Christmas Theme

- Android Apk »Dark Avenger v1.2.8 [Mega Mod] Shop UI

Name :

1. High movement speed. After death too. After use Blades Rush normally.

2. Speedorb gives speed. After speedorb effects end, high speed back.

3. All skills cost 1 gold.

4. All skills cost 1 gold (except BP skills)

6. All skills cost 0 mana.

7. Attack speed : archer -> 2.5/Sorcerer -> 2.5/Templar -> 3/Berserk -> 3.

8. Speed skills higher, than - it's convenient.

9. 0 skills cool down( )

10. see all map (switch Action mode)

11. VERY high damage (except event bosses)

12. Unlimited Coins( Every sold green stone gives 45000 gold )

13. forge any weapon stones. STOP BREAKING ! JUST BUY ENOUGH GREEN ONES!

14. If Raid, don't exit! After 20 seconds disappear 'll lie floor until . You'll get !

15. Infinite time (except Event Bosses) - time

16. No 5 seconds delay after death. Instant resurrection

17. When resurrect, . h enemies asap! .

18. No delay when Warlord. h now

19. Warlord runs fast

20. No 30 seconds ban. st match

21. see 500 winners

22. Raid create a new room

23. play Raid alone

24. Ice resistance

Manual Step:

- Uninstall previous Android Apk »Dark Avenger v1.2.8 [Mega Mod] game.

- Android Apk »Dark Avenger v1.2.8 [Mega Mod] APK

- Install APK

- Start

- options

*1 stuck screen

*2 continues creation normally

- Once option 1 happens close

- Navigate to /sdcard/Android/data/ t there

- Once start again



-Never go above 146 floor, get ban.

-Don't toy, they you.

-Dangerous mod, use wisely although hackers get banned.


Android Apk »Dark Avenger v1.2.8 [Mega Mod] Instructions: Credits To: Raproid

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