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Posted by Gilberto L Fasching on Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Zombie HQ v1.8.0 Mod (Unlimited Gold & Z & Energy)

: 2.3.3

“ seems strange these days. All shut down, nowhere a drink …

damn zombies everywhere ! Already killed so many of ‘em but they just keep. zombie dead zombie. Good thing there’s plenty around.

Still, wish there was some place while. Some place where a fella could catch a break from bashing zombie skulls. , a “Zombie HQ” …”

INFESTATION city getting way down time. Take back what !

Scour BIGGER GUNS, explosives, zombie-killing weapons.


Then catch a breath ZOMBIE HQ. Deck out man-cave tables, hot tubs, TVs, turntables, plants !


➤ WEAPONS including shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, flamethrowers, chainsaws, broadswords !

➤ Automated TURRETS

➤ Tons APPAREL, including centurion body armor, hockey masks, beer hats !

➤ Loads Zombie HQ, including arcade machines, jukeboxes, pool tables, hot tubs, turntables guided missile systems!

➤ Zombie KILLING action from, including scavenger, food drop, boss battle !

➤ Schedule special missions BONUS REWARDS

Zombie HQ , but choose real money extra items. disable in-app purchasing settings.

Note: progress currency lost if from .

What's new:

- Added support.

- Android Apk »Zombie HQ v1.8.0 Mod (Unlimited Gold & Z & Energy) several issues regarding Back button functionality.


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Credit: Matrix

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Unlimited Gold & Z & Energy

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