Android Apk »Command Crisis: Callsign v1.0.22

Posted by Gilberto L Fasching on Friday, May 31, 2013

About Us: Android Apk »Command Crisis: Callsign v1.0.22
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Author: Gilberto L Fasching

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Comm: Callsign v1.0.22

: 2.1+

: Special introductory price of .99 because t release! Get lower price any additional content when released.

If a bug, think a mission hard easy, PLEASE let us know Everyone may a reply, but player feedback important all emails. PLEASE...bug reports criticism only.

No ads additional in-app purchases! Purchase Android Apk »Command Crisis: Callsign v1.0.22 Crisis: Callsign all missions, Endurance Mode, Random Mission Mode, additional content which may be released future.

Still unsure? Then check out Android Apk »Command Crisis: Callsign v1.0.22, Comm: Callsign Lite.

Comm: Callsign like 1942, 1943, Gradius, Tyrian, AirAttack, Siberian Strike, iFighter, Air Strike, Flying Shark, DoDonPachi, R-Type, Espgaluda, Swiv, Radiant, Sky Force, Warblade, Asteroids .


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